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Bywaves Holiday Lodges

Bywaves Park is run by Stephen and Helen Spilsted, they are the sole directors of Bywaves Ltd and have owned the business since 1998.

Bywaves is the only park owned by the Spilsteds, they live locally and offer an almost instant response and personal touch when it comes to dealing with any concerns that may arise. They are very much a hands-on team and take great pride in what they are trying to achieve at Bywaves with a grand vision of what the park is going to look like as the development evolves over the next few years.

Bywaves is going to be the place to holiday and relax for a long time to come and it is important that all owners are able to feel safe, secure and relaxed on site.

Bywaves is licensed by Chichester District Council for 12 lodges. There are actually 11 lodges planned for the development in an effort to afford as much space and privacy as possible.

Bywaves is a member of the British Holiday and Home Park Association (Registration Number SE707).

Bywaves is also registered with Gold Shield 10 Year Warranty Scheme (Registration Number GSP/MBG/037).

How do we purchase a lodge?
The Purchasing Experience made Easy

The purchase of a holiday home is a long-term commitment and one that cannot be rushed. We will endeavour to make the legal process as simple and straightforward as we possibly can.

We can recommend a solicitor to you for a set fee who, along with our solicitor, have put together a purchase package that will guide you through the whole process very simply and cost effectively. The Holiday Park Home industry is complex and by using a solicitor who is aware of all the ins and outs of owning a Holiday home could save time and money.

You are of course entitled to choose your own solicitor however if they are not experienced in the industry this may prove costly as any queries bounce back and forth between solicitors.

After all, when you have made the decision to purchase your holiday home you want to be able to move in as quickly as possible with the least possible hassle.

The purchasing process is quite simple and does not necessarily require a Solicitor’s assistance, this is purely a matter of choice.

What are the terms of the agreement?
The Agreement

The new lodges at Bywaves are being sold with a 50-year Licence Agreement. This agreement protects both the Park owner and the lodge owner and adheres strictly to the Code of Practice of The British Holiday and Home Parks Association of which Bywaves have been members since 1998 when Stephen and Helen acquired the Park.

Both solicitors, as mentioned above, have approved the Licence Agreement for its open and honest content. It is based on a standard industry document that has been amended to suit the Park and for ease of understanding where applicable.

A lot of Holiday Parks offer much shorter terms but the new lodges at Bywaves are all going to be built to BS3632 standards that are used in the residential market and are therefore designed to last 50 years if they are properly looked after.

The Licence agreement should be read through carefully to ensure your full understanding of the conditions prior to placing your deposit. It obviously makes sense to take time and be absolutely sure that a holiday home at Bywaves is what you are looking for before commencing the lengthy procedure of placing an order, choosing your home, designing the interior etc.

Part of the agreement is that you agree to abide by the Park Rules, which are available on request. They are there to ensure everybody on site has an enjoyable experience without grief or disturbance.

Can we design our own Lodge?
Lodge purchase and design

Once a decision has been made to purchase a lodge at Bywaves you would be required to complete a provisional order form and place a deposit of £10,000.00.

Although the actual size of a lodge is pre-determined by the plot size, planners and architects, Bywaves will be able to offer you a choice of external colour for your lodge and decking. This colour will vary around the site to complement the colour scheme of the new boundary fence.

Bywaves will also recommend a choice of manufacturer and from this point on you would be able to design your own lodge. There may be some areas of the design, such as which side you have your front door and where you could site your decking that will be decided by the location and size of your chosen plot however in the main you will be able to design and furnish the interior of your lodge to suit your own particular taste and requirements. This is a very exciting process that can be carried out at the factory or in the comfort of your own home.

Where can I find out more information about the Warranty?

Bywaves Park is registered with The Gold Shield, Ten Year Warranty Scheme.

This covers all new lodges for 10 years and the owners undertake to abide by the Manufacturer’s and their own Park rules applicable to newly built park homes registered with Gold Shield from 1st June 2005.

Terms and conditions can be found on www.justlodges.com/gold-shield-10-year-warranty.

Can the purchase be financed?

The new holiday lodges at Bywaves do not qualify for traditional mortgage funding as they are holiday lodges and are not constructed from bricks and mortar; however there are lenders that offer finance to the Park Home Industry.

When can I have access to my holiday lodge?

Bywaves is currently licensed for: Unlimited access from the 1st of March to the 31st of October, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from the 1st of November to the end of February, plus unlimited access over Christmas (21st of December to the 4th of January)

What utilities are there on site?

The site benefits from: (current suppliers).

Electricity – mains electricity is currently provided by British Gas.

Water – supplied by local water company – Portsmouth Water Company Ltd.

Sewerage -Mains drainage is via another local company – Southern Water Company.

Gas – mains gas is provided by British Gas.

Rubbish – will be collected by Veolia from a communal bin.

Recycling – will be collected by the local Council from a communal bin.

Telecommunications – underground BT cabling will be available at all lodges.

Sky – Three dishes on site will link all lodges to Sky, no external aerials are permitted.

What security is there to help protect our investment?

Gates – Electronic site entrance gates remotely controlled by a zapper or pinpad.

CCTV – The site has full CCTV coverage.

Owners – Dedicated to protecting their investment, visiting the park regularly.

Who looks after our Lodge and surrounding plot?
General Site Maintenance

The park owners are responsible for maintaining the common areas of the site all year round.

The area within your Licence Agreement will be your responsibility to upkeep as detailed in the terms and conditions of your licence.

Are pets welcome at Bywaves?

Dogs are welcome on site but must be on a lead at all times within the site boundary.

Their litter must be immediately picked up and disposed of in the waste rubbish bin.

Cats are welcome but must be contained inside your lodge so that they do not cause any nuisance to other lodge owners.

No other pets are permitted except with prior permission of the site owners.

Is sub letting allowed at Bywaves?
Sub lettings

Subletting is permitted at Bywaves through our preferred managing agent based locally. Their flexible and friendly service is designed to meet each individual owner’s needs and includes a managed or tenant introduction service. For further information, please call us on 01243 629830.

Can I have a hot tub on my plot?
Hot Tub

We would be very happy to investigate the positioning of a hot tub if desired. This would not be appropriate for all lodge locations so should be discussed as soon as possible in the negotiations.

What costs are involved and how are they charged to us?

The biggest cost is the purchase of the actual lodge itself and surrounding decking (included in your purchase price is the remainder of the years licence fee to 31st December of that year). Prices start from £165,000.00 for a brand new holiday lodge, delivered, fully installed and ready to enjoy.

Once the initial purchase has been made, the following breakdown of costs is all that would be payable.

Annual Licence Fee – £4576.39 (2020 fee) payable by or on the 1st of January annually.

This figure includes annual business rates (council tax is not applicable as the lodges are not 2nd homes).

It also includes a contribution made annually to East Bracklesham Drive Residents Association for the upkeep of the East Bracklesham Drive surface, signage and speed control.

The annual licence fee is subject to an annual increase that is restricted to the r.p.i. figure for the month of October each year. This figure is available on the 15th of November and enables an accurate Licence fee to be invoiced in time for payment by the 1st of January.


This is charged quarterly and is based on the Pass-through calculation. Your own lodge meter is read and you are charged only for the electricity you have used. Plus the standing charge that is shared equally between all 11 lodges.

The Owners pick up the cost of all electricity used on site for lighting and electronic gates.


Each new lodge will have its own meter and will be charged quarterly according to units used.


Both supplied water and wastewater will be shared equally between all 11 units.

The owners take responsibility for maintaining the common areas of landscaping, CCTV system, electronic gates, road and associated pathways and kerbs, telephone system and wifi.

How do I sell my lodge should the need arise in the future?
Selling your lodge

This is never a nice thing to talk about when you have not yet bought your new holiday lodge but unforeseen circumstances and change of minds do occur and we need to explain the procedure should this course of action be one you decide to take.

The lodges are not subject to VAT so unlike a new car you do not lose a large chunk of money as soon as you take up residence. VAT is only chargeable on the furnishings.

The owners ask that you make them aware of your intention to sell before taking any action. There is a protocol to be followed that enables the owners to meet and approve your potential purchaser.

Being governed by the B.H.& H.P.A ensures you peace of mind that the owners will help and assist the smooth sale of your lodge for you with no additional cost to you over and above the commission fee detailed below.

There is a 10% commission payable to the park owners on the completion of the successful sale of your lodge. This commission is calculated on the total selling price including fixtures and furnishings.


We have tried to think of the majority of questions that might be asked and the above information is a brief outline of what gives us such a fantastic genre at Bywaves Holiday Park.

The Park is evolving quickly into an extremely desirable place to reside and spend ones precious leisure time.

It is a couple of hours drive from London, has direct access onto the beach, the most wonderful sunsets and most enviable location. Near enough to all basic requirements and entertainment but also far enough away to be secluded. It is what you make it for yourself.

The Licence Agreement is available on request, we have no hidden agenda’s.

Site rules and regulations are also available – they too are sensible but very necessary for the well being of everyone on site. You will feel comforted that your purchase will be an investment that will give high quality leisure time now and for many years into the future.

Stephen and Helen are very happy to answer any questions and look forward to meeting you on site soon.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website – we hope you liked the Park and can visualise our dream. One day soon it will be a reality.

Kind regards

Helen & Steve

If you would like to find out more information about our park homes for sale, speak to us today on:

01243 629830

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